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Live a life that enhances your happiness in an environment designed with luxurious furnishings, the finest, resort-like amenities, and the opportunity to meet new friends with common interests. Located within a short drive or train ride to New York City, Spring Hills Livingston is the premiere senior living community in the heart of Livingston, NJ offering. We offer: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Enhanced Care Services. Choosing the right assisted living with a strong support system and true continuum of care, makes all the difference. This community brings a new dimension to senior living complete with spacious studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments, boasting full-sized kitchens and private bathrooms. Our exceptional care, and engaging programs offer the right blend of personal attention and assistance. This approach enables us to exceed expectations for our resident to Live Happy in Livingston.

Abdel Chahi

Executive Director

Abdel’s professional career, and indeed his life, began in Morocco where he attended the University of Cadi Avvad, the Institute of Foreign Languages, and ultimately, the Institute Superior Hotel and Tourism. Finalizing his education here within the US at the University of Cleveland. The hospitality industry has taken him all over the world where he worked among and alongside an extremely diverse collection of colleagues and clients. Hospitality is a unique industry in that it essentially guarantees contact and interaction with people from all over the globe. Abdel’s experience was no different.

With over 20 years in the luxury hospitality industry, Abdel has amassed tremendous experience in management consultation, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and company collaboration. Abdel is proficient and accustomed to working to complete intricate tasks and complex events within the departments he has both overseen and directly managed. Hospitality requires not only task completion but a sizable focus on satisfaction and service is ever present. Abdel is familiar with the extensive work needed to bring a project to completion, tracking multiple projects or functions concurrently, helping colleagues work together to rise to a challenge, provide feedback as needed to help enable the individual and strengthen the collective, communicate professionally and effectively with clients and partners, and ensure assignment completion with a very high level of consumer satisfaction.

Additionally, Abdel harbors tremendous passion for service at the highest level and exceeding expectations of both customers and colleagues alike. He takes great pride in fostering a collaborative environment which allows for the very best within our industry to shine, and for communities under his care to thrive.

Abdel is very known as Abi.

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Signature Touches

The Essence of our Approach to Senior Living

Spring Hills owns and manages, the Opulence Collection of senior residences. These innovative, distinctive Luxury Assisted Living Communities are where Residents can live each day to its fullest, in an elegant, supportive, exclusive environment that promotes health, well-being and fulfillment. With our personalized Signature Touches SM a set of programs and services unique to Spring Hills, our professional staff is dedicated to enhancing the lives of our Residents with a personal touch.
The unique programs and comprehensive services offered at Spring Hills provide an abundance of recreational and cultural activities, entertainment, fitness and excursion choices, helping Residents purse an exhilarating lifestyle. Our services are designed to make life easier and more enjoyable. They include helpful conveniences such as individual laundry and flat linen service, weekly housekeeping, transportation for shopping and outings, spa and wellness services, a personal concierge, and more. Spring Hills offers activities that reflect the interests of our Residents. They include programs such as lifelong learning seminars, creative activities and outings related to the arts and culture, special interest clubs, epicurean adventures and high-end dining.

Designed with you in mind, Spring Hills added resort like amenities to their luxurious community and prestigious living environment. Our residents will live well with the perfect balance of atmosphere, amenities, quality care and personalized services. Our goal is to enhance the lives of our residents every day! Our holistic approach to engaging our residents in recreational interests along with exciting programs such as lifelong learning seminars, creative activities and outings related to the arts and culture, as well as special interest clubs, will intrigue the mind, move the body and inspire the spirit. Including both on and off-site, will ensures our residents will Live Happy.

  • Elevated Dining Experience
  • Piano Bar
  • Adventurous Programs + Activities
  • Exciting Lectures and Cultural Opportunities
  • Education Wellness Seminars
  • Opportunities for Volunteering + Philanthropy
  • Personal Drivers + Valet Services
  • Personal Concierge Services
  • Curated Experiences
  • On-site Movie Theater
  • On-site Fitness Center
  • Beauty Salon + Barber Services
  • Full-Service Spa
  • Individual Laundry + Flat Linen Service
  • Weekly Housekeeping Services
  • Room Service
  • State of the art emergency call system in each suite
  • Spacious gathering areas for socializing
  • Courtyards + Rooftop for relaxing
Comprehensive Support for Healthier Living

Have you ever thought about a curated experience, designed especially for you? Our Guest Relations Associates provide concierge services to help you design your perfect day. Evert request is met with excellence. From unique dinner reservations, golf outings, to tickets to shows, travel and much more, we are here to deliver your dreams. Feel confident that we are here to exceed your expectations, helping you to live your best life!

Imagine being the center of your own health care, encircled by providers, caregivers and community support services who communicated with you and each other in real-time, all aware of your medical history, current conditions, treatment preferences and lifestyle.

At Spring Hills, we believe a strong support system is the key to happiness. Offering a continuum of care with variety of residential living options and clinical programming we are able to meet the needs of the people we care for and provide peace of mind for those who love them.

We strive for our resident to have access to quality specialty services both on and off-site through our Preferred Partners Program. Services such as chiropractic, massage therapy, podiatry, to name a few, add value to our residents’ daily lives by strengthening dexterity, improving the ability to focus, soothing anxiety, or fighting depression.

Our multidisciplinary care team ensures that every critical transition, such as the move from the hospital to their new home is safe and seamless. Having a continuum of care combines proactive clinical care and personalized support at every stage of an individual’s health care journey.

  • 24-Hour Nursing
  • Family Care Conferences
  • Enhanced Care Services + Memory Care
  • Multidisciplinary Team Care
  • Support Physicians
  • Medical Services
  • On-site Therapy
Sophisticated, Fine Dining Experience

Exquisite dining is all about the small details. We’ve transformed the dining experience with an extensive menu offering various dining choices. From a casual meal or drink at our piano lounge, to an elegant dinner at our restaurant, culinary experiences in our state-of-the-art presentation kitchen, our guests will savor every moment.

Residents living in our Opulence Collection of Communities experience unparalleled, epicurean quests. From champagne breakfast to Sunday brunches our Chefs are here to craft the perfect meal for you. This includes a wide array of choices and new culinary adventures in an elegant and refined atmosphere. Paying attention to every detail and providing exceptional service is part of our Signature Touch experience.

Trying New Activities Promotes Wellness and Leads to a Strong Spirit

Our approach to our residents’ social lives stays true to our holistic philosophy. We offer an array of fun and engaging activities that are designed to offer choice encompassing the intellectual, physical, social, cultural, creative, and more. We encourage full participation and mindful pursuits to help our residents broaden their horizons to lead more a fulfilling life. Our Signature Touch Programs are highly interactive to move the Body, intrigue the Mind, and inspire the Spirit.

By leveraging technology and data we can help you gain new insights to your health and well-being to make informed decisions and optimize your wellness. We use the latest remote health technology to create a constant stream of patient data and communicate this information through:

  • EMAR
  • PCC
  • Telehealth
  • Wearable Devices
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Family Engagement System
Living with Dignity + Purpose

The essence of our philosophy to dementia programming is to provide person centered care. Our innovative memory care program is based on the strengths and interests of our residents, providing the ability to choose, maintain a sense of dignity, value, and purpose. We provide supportive and open communication with our families. All Care Partners are trained in Alzheimer’s and dementia care, focusing on caring with a commitment to quality and exceeding the expectations of our residents and their loved ones.

Our Spring Cottage Memory Care Environment is a fully self-contained and secure living with a “home-like, luxurious atmosphere”, that provides tender care to engage the mind, body and spirit of our residents. Taking a holistic approach, we strive to look at the person and their abilities, not just the disease. Our program identifies the characteristics of our residents’ personalities and behaviors and associates them with familiar blossoms. The “Care Flowers” philosophy helps everyone appreciate the unique abilities the individual possesses and respond in an encouraging manner than engages the resident. Our continuum of care combines proactive clinical care and personalized support at every stage of an individual’s health care journey, focusing on the partnership with you, their loved ones.

Experience the Spring Hills Difference

with our Opulence Collection of Communities

By knowing our residents so well, even cleaning our apartments to our residents liking, is a Signature Touch! Our housekeepers appreciate precious family mementoes, as well as personal habits. Paying attention to it all, ensures our residents are happy with our service. We maintain a safe, clean environment for all. It requires diligence in ensuring our infrastructure and grounds are well kept. With physical limitations restricting some of our residents’ independence, we assist families and residents in special requests to keep apartments safe and appropriate. Our services are designed to fit the needs of each of our residents.

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