Be Our Guest

Survey Qualification

2. How old are you?
3. What type of vacation do you enjoy the most?
4. When traveling what hotel chain/s do you typically stay in?
5. When on vacation, what describes you best regarding engaging in resort activities?
6. When on vacation, what do you consider the best part of staying in a resort? (Please select all that are applicable)
7. What is your yearly income?
8. What describes your current living situation?
9. What is your home value?
10. What piques your interest about this experience?

Be Our Guest Post Experience Survey (Based on a Scale of Meeting Expectations or Exceeding Expectations from 1-5 with 1 being the lowest)

1. How would you describe your Onboarding experience?
2. Did your “Move-In” experience meet your expectations?
3. What did you think of your fine dining experience?
4. Did our spa and on-site amenities exceed your expectations?
5. Were your lodging accommodations as advertised?
6. Did you have fun participating in on-site activities?
7. How was your overall guest experience?